dimanche 12 octobre 2014

Montreal Street Art - 1

Photographing street art is something I seem to fall into - completely absorbed, right away and for an indefinite time, by the texture, shape, reflected light, and hidden design of whatever is traced on the wall, sprayed on the mailing boxes, posted on various supports.

I become a bee, a snail, a fly. With an eye for contrast and nuance.

I've been thinking of sharing some of this colourful treasure with you, plucked from the streets of Montreal, but what I am posting today is just a first taste.

You see, I had in store a whole other post, and I was about to put it together when I was flooded with translations. Good news! But I have to let go of writing and drawing (including for that intended post) during the next twelve days or so...

So here is instead a short and sweet (sort of...) bouquet of street art.

Striking, hopeful, resolute greens and yellows on dark backgrounds: signs of the times.

All of these pictures were taken yesterday, at various spots between rue Rachel and rue Marie-Anne, within twenty minutes (thanks to iPhoto for keeping track of my séance in time :o)

How about urban art in your own city? Have you posted about it somewhere? Or wanted to?

ps - For this post I chose to arrange pictures in a progressive way: shifting slowly from one mood/palette to the next. I wonder if I should have contrasted them, instead (which is what I usually opt for). What do you think?

Okay, here is another version (with a slightly different selection), in French. 
I do like it better. Do you ?

2 commentaires:

  1. Definitely like the thematic colour progression, but you know me Emmanuelle ;) I adore the botanicals juxtaposed with the urban textures. We live in a regional town so unfortunately people have little tolerance for street art here.

    1. Indeed Chontelle, your colour shifts and harmonies are always wonderful - and I realize in retrospect they might well have inspired me ! However, I feel I am not mastering this art quite yet, and I will probably try something else in the French version (soon I hope !).