vendredi 28 mars 2014

Feline Interlude

After some inner debate, I have decided to share with you something rather intimate and powerful at the same time (at least for me), a kind of discovery that recently shed light on my whole way to perceive and understand the world.

I am carefully sorting out my thoughts in an effort to write it down as clearly as possible, while listening to Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations  :o)

Meanwhile, Ladies and Gents, here is a feline interlude.

Lola's drawing-table, vaguely absent self.
"Must you really take another picture?"

Summer version of the same.

What? Are we not playing anymore?
(Lola in her overalls)

Considering the snow-filled garden below.

It's still a bit fresh down there.

Dreaming of tame Sparrows. Won't you come a little closer, dear?

And here is Tiurei, my brother's cat, born in Tahiti and now living in a small French village.
He is Lola's opposite : thin, tall and long-limbed.

I guess I should publish a French version of this announcement, with more feline pictures, right?

Right. Coming soon.

And here it is...

6 commentaires:

  1. My cat is now famous, thanks to his fellow above the ocean... !

    My daughter shares that same kind of endless love for our own cat... ^-^

  2. Excited to hear what you have to say m'dear and of course, always, excited for more cat photos. <3

  3. thank you for the feline interlude...i can almost feel the purring under all that silky fluff! also looking forward to your thoughts...i haven't had much presence online lately, but it is always a delight to visit your corner. xo

    1. I feel the same when I visit your space! And you've inspired me in many ways. As you will see :o)

      Sending happy thoughts your way!