jeudi 9 juin 2016

Opening Up

Have you noticed how each year – numbed by the long winter and distracted by our need for soft, warm air on our skins – we forget the true nature of Spring, this vibrant, exuberant, irrepressible energy?

Spring is about bringing forward your patiently elaborated buds, stretching your limbs, 

and when the weather is just right (this might take a little while), 

you open up every part of you,

widely, wildly!

You become a round-shaped flower, 

a shiny pointed leaf, 

a golden bee...

And you let every spark of light into your grateful soul.

Spring is about bringing out your full being into the world for all to see…

Particles of pure joy bounce around freely, permeating the air itself.

Friends quietly share their hope and wonder;

wise and ancient beings spread out their treasure of young, tender leaves (and seeds),

Silver Maple, Acer Saccharinum
English Oak, Quercus Robur

while slender creatures reveal their graceful presence

The lovely Amelanchier, or Sarvisberry

in a delicate jumble of petals that sing softly

to your human heart.

And if you still feel sad, perplexed or lost (as Spring can bring forward unsettling energies that turn your life upside down),

you can rest your body and soul in a patch of wild flowers, and let their joyful, candid selves 

embrace your own. 

Take your time; look at them closely. How intricate and fascinating they are! 

How easy it is to absorb yourself in them.

Soon, you will be called by these subtle voices even while you walk… You kneel down, and after a few moments you can almost feel their pulsating inner life, their trusting, uplifting energy.

On your way home, the world around you becomes soft and mysterious,

and the rising moon sings her silent, mesmerizing song:

Do not be afraid, she says, for I am keeping watch while you sleep,

and every morning opens up

to a new day…

Summer has yet to come.


I was fortunate enough to spend many hours outside when all this magic was taking place, but my current work schedule does not allow me to make new art. More freedom in sight soon, however  :o)

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