mercredi 16 mars 2016

The Right Moment is Now

You know, those gifts and passions that are most important to you, and that you tend to “keep aside” for “the right moment”?

Sometimes, you get a strong feeling that the right moment is Now.

Though you might have eluded this feeling for a while, as empowering as it may be… (Why Now? And what does this mean for me, exactly?)

This time, I did not elude the feeling. And here is what I understood.

Firstly,  ‘Now’ is every day.  Because the only moment in which we can experiment is the present. Right?

And it is exactly what I am meant to do with my talents: experiment with them.

I am here to embody – fully and freely – my love of light, colour and movement, my deep tenderness for living beings, or my awe for mountains, seas and skies.  In my life as in my art, because they are not separate.

My particular way to love the world (and to express this love) is my life mission. “Keeping it aside” is like keeping my life on hold.

And the full weight of this truth, instead of knocking me down in shame or regret, has lifted me up. (Whereas when I was holding it back, its weight was holding me back, too.)

Because secondly,  ‘Now’ is also this time and place in my life. (Something is calling you? There is a good reason for that. Your are more ready than you think.)

In that regard, you could say that for me, 2016 began in mid-September. The day after my birthday, in fact  :o)

Throughout summer (which is usually my happiest season), I had been increasingly deprived of focus, creativity, or motivation. Translating had become a painful, difficult process... Even drawing felt boring and dull (something I don’t remember happening before!)

But there was a powerful New Moon clearing up the sky for my birthday, so I decided it was a good time to schedule a second chakra healing session with Lorne – which turned out to be even more transformative than the first one, in the Spring.

The first healing session, in April, had allowed me to repair the holes in my energy field, which had been completely used up last winter, by getting too involved in somebody’s projects (imagine a river’s waters being divested into a canal until the river has almost disappeared).

Thankfully, I could feel my strength and confidence building up again after this first session, but the process was partly hindered at some point, because there was still a hidden knot inside my chest.

The second session, in September, literally untied that knot (I could feel it both on a physical and symbolical level), located between the heart and solar plexus – so my joy, trust, and creative energy could now run freely… becoming a whole river again  :o)

Experimenting is so rewarding that it's a joy in itself.  New ideas keep coming up for my art, new meanings, new opportunities. And the 'outside' world keeps sending me signs... 

I take it all in.

Because when my soul, heart and body are one, I am both grounded in the present moment, and open to new possibilities. Which in turn sustain my faith, motivation, and trust.

During the past few months, I have been drawing or painting 'animal portraits' in very meaningful contexts: my mission was to reveal, to embody, the very essence of the model – whether an actual companion of the person involved, or even a ‘totem animal’ representing a part of their own spirit.

Every time, I found myself using the full range of my gifts as a person and an artist, from empathy and intuition, to the art of transparency.

When I re-create a living being (plant, animal or person), I slowly let myself become a cup full of their unique light – all the while holding them in the light of my own tenderness. It is a loving circle, very much like the Kirtans experience, except the living link I am co-creating through this beautiful process is not embodied by sound, but by colour and shape appearing on paper.

And this is something I have also been experiencing/ experimenting with, in my daily life...

Each new experience leads to more discoveries, insights or synchronicities – but I know that to find my own path, I must simply keep my heart open and follow my intuition. These two work together in a beautiful way.

Particularly if I am grounded in my body, and I let my soul shine through, no matter where I am, or what I am doing.

Then the present moment is always ‘the right moment’  :o)

2 commentaires:

  1. Petite, chère, tendre Emmanuelle,

    Am in owe... you're literally blooming under our eyes. (At least mine, for am a bit distant. Sadly...)

    Merci, merci, merci pour ces partages d'une beauté subtile, doublés d'intuitions toujours plus fines.

    (Suis totalement amoureuse du dessin - qu'est-ce que c'est, comme technique ? - abstrait au centre. Fascinée... :) )


    1. Douce Marianne, c'est décidément un bonheur d'être si bien comprise (et appréciée). Me voici récompensée d'avoir patiemment travaillé et affiné ce texte, comme un oiseau de bois qui devient de plus en plus épuré, jusqu'à son essence (at least this is what I was trying to achieve!)

      Moi aussi j'ai une tendresse particulière pour cette demoiselle colibri qui bascule imperceptiblement dans la forme et la couleur: cela s'est fait tout seul… au crayon, tout simplement (employé avec douceur, presque rêveusement).

      Je t'embrasse tendrement :o)