mercredi 25 mars 2015

Soft Light, New Moon

The day of the Spring Equinox, which was a special one in many ways, I visited my secret garden for the first time this year, in a simple, grateful ritual of my own.

The light was very soft when I reached the bottom of the hill...

It felt so good that I would like to share this with you, so here is just a little preview (in black and white) to say that I will be back in a few days, when my current translation is done  :o)

… and on the other side, the sun was shining.

Happy Spring, my friends!


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    1. Thank you Sandra! I love your own pictures of nature, particularly the ones from your Early Spring post: the flowers are stunning, and you do capture their special, subtle radiance :o)

  2. Happy Vernal Equinox to you dear Emmanuelle! As we head into darkness you are leaning toward light. It amazes me. What a serene image of your secret garden. The light is truly special. XoC

    1. Yes, it's a beautiful mystery for us humans, growing up in a tiny corner of our Earth, that she is constantly exploring different seasons at the same time. Yet the buds of Summer's leaves are already present in Winter, and I love this Yin/Yang parallel with human lives (and feelings :o)

      Happy autumn to you, dear Chontelle!