dimanche 26 janvier 2014

Lola The Cat

Lola is my Zen master, my Flamenco companion, my lovely roommate, and the very image of the cat I had wished for during my childhood.

Playing Tahiti on my balcony

She came into my life four years ago, through a strange thread of coincidences.

It was early September, and I was feeling dismayed and disheartened over six young homeless cats that I had not been able to save - that story is a bit too sad for this post, although I might share it with you one day.

There is a squirrel behind the window

For some reason, instead of biking to the hill that afternoon in the hope of finding some solace there, as I had planned, I came back and decided to clean my bike instead, right there on the sidewalk. A few minutes later, two women passed me by, and one of them said: "Are you looking for a cat?"

I simply stared at her, speechless and bewildered. Did she know something? But she simply added: "We have been taking care of a one-year-old homeless cat: we took her to the vet and everything, but we can't keep her because she is constantly fighting with our own two cats. Would you like to adopt her?"

Yes, I would. Of course. 

So I followed them up the street, and I was introduced to this small, black and white character, who greeted me like an old friend, purring.

Nibbling grass: first thing in the morning

I realized that in fact, she had greeted me in the same way, on the sidewalk, two months before, in several occasions. She looked happy and well-fed (she was already under the care of the two ladies), and I had no idea she was without a home, so I had just said hello in return.

That same night, we were sleeping together.

Lola often appears to be a dog in disguise, as she runs to the door when the doorbell "rings" (which sounds rather like a strangled chuckle), or scurries across the flat to catch a ball and throws herself sideways on the floor in a rugby player's fashion, shoulders first, then remains motionless with the ball in her front paws, waiting for the crowd to cheer. 

A bit like this. (Could you resist?)

Which I do, always, by running my hands lovingly over the silky white fur of her round belly.

She is also a true Feline and, as such, a self-appointed Zen master, reminding me to be in the present, to follow my intuition, to rest often, to play, and to dance. Just for the joy of it.

And of course, she is my Muse.

Sleeping in my notebook

Which means you will get other occasions to see her in this space  :o) 

Although she'll be quite happy to share it with many other animals. And birds.


PS - More drawings (and pictures) available in the French version : Lola le chat

6 commentaires:

  1. So many times, I see blogs about the writer's cat.

    But never have I fallen in love with one the way I just did with yours. xo

    1. Thank you Mary :o)

      She is quite lovable, so I'm glad I was able to convey this...

  2. J'adore! What a cutie. I love that you have portraits of her. I wish I could draw and make kitty pictures. Cats are such good companions, present but not needy. Sounds like you guys were destined together.

    1. Dear Milla, I'd be happy to send you a drawing of Kissa and Kettu!

  3. Très jolies les illustrations :)

    1. Merci ! Et visiblement tu t'en sors très bien côté dessin :o)